The Entire Collection

A must-have bundle of Jesse Elder's best programs from the last ten years 

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What's Included In This Offering?

The (Original) Collection...

Prime Light Meditation

The 12 Rituals

Journal Secrets

The Upgraded Life

The Upgraded Entrepreneur

360 Mentor Academy

Ethical Cult Building

Pocket Video Mastery

Wealth Frequency Upgrade


Prime Light Protocol

Wealth Frequency Fundamentals

Cultivating Confidence

Ultimate Sleep Upgrade

BONUS Content



 Sell With Soul

The 3 Biggest Lies About Money

Wealth Frequency Upgrade 2021

#TeamHuman Community For Conscious Growth

Conscious Cashflow Triad


Freedom Teachers Academy

Ultimate Mind

The 30 Day Conscious Evolution Challenge

The 21 Day Upgraded Life Challenge (2018)

Life Control 101

Global Prep Club: Leadership Edition

Understand & Resolve Anger, Anxiety & Overwhelm

Journal Secrets MasterClasses

The Ultimate Life Management System

Now is the Time to Upgrade Your Mindset and Your Life, and to Make Your Coaching Business the Soul-Aligned Joy You Always Wished It Could Be

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